Safety Training Courses 


Safety should be the number one priority for every employee and business owner.  These courses cover everything from the most basic elements of safety to more advanced techniques and legal obligations.

Why SureFire?

How much is a highly trained technician or employee worth to your company?  If the answer is anything more than $3/day then SureFire is the training partner for you.

We know what works - we still run chimney companies and still have our pulse on the daily challenges that companies face.

We are the official online training partner for the Chimney Safety Institute of America and are the only online source for the CCS and CDET reviews.

We guarantee that by using our platform you will save both time and money.

We have brought together the most diverse and largest network of industry experts; currently we have over 20 course instructors.

We cover a wide variety of industry training topics including a large library of technical training.

We are the only industry platform that introduces interactive elements to maximize the learner’s engagement.

We offer free consultations to personalize SureFire to meet the goals of your training program.

We leverage interactive content to accelerate learning.

We continue to add at least two new courses to your account every single month

Fix Your Training and Grow Your Business

Training can be overwhelming.  We have simplified the training process by providing you with proven learning paths based on your training goals.  Need to get a brand-new employee in the field generating revenue in 90 days? We have a path for that.  Need to add an employee to your gas division? We have a path for that.  Need a custom training plan for a hybrid employee?  You can create your own path for that.