Do you need an easy and proven way to quickly and consistently train your employees? 

How valuable would a well-trained and knowledgeable employee be to your company? A faster and better trained employee will generate revenue quicker, reduce call backs and make your customers happier. We know training can be a large expense, hassle and headache. 

The SureFire Training Academy is the most cost effective and efficient way to train your employees. Access the industries best training platform for less than $3 a day per employee. 

MultiTruck Operation *BEST VALUE*

(CEUs for 3+ Users)
Less than $3/day per user.  This is the ultimate package for growing companies.  We provide comprehensive training for technicians, office staff and business owners.  Gain instant access to premium business, leadership, sales, safety, customer service, office, technical and marketing content AND the ability to make sure your employees are actually doing the work.

Single Truck Operations

(CEUs for 1 User)

Less than $5/day.  If adding employees is not for you…  This package is designed for one truck operators that are looking to increase profitability, gain efficiencies, maintain continuing education credits and continue to be up to date on the latest training techniques.  Gain instant access to premium business, leadership, sales, safety, customer service, office, technical and marketing content.



Individual Course Bundles

Purchase Course Bundles and Learning Without Subscriptions

Have commitment issues or just need some quick CEUs? Here is the place to purchase 3, 5 or 10 courses at a time without a subscription. The bigger the bundle the bigger the savings!


Purchase Individual Courses

Just need a quick CEUs or the ability to take a single class without any type of ongoing commitment?

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80+ Courses

Expert Courses For Industry Professionals By Industry Professionals.

We have combined content from over 20 industry experts in areas of business, leadership, sales, safety, customer service, office, technical, insurance, legal and marketing.  How much is a highly trained technician or employee worth to your company?  If the answer is anything more than $3/day then SureFire is the training partner for you.


Running and Growing a business is hard and requires a strong leader with solid systems and process.   This course category is designed to make leaders and managers stronger in every facet of their organization.


Gas is the number one growing segment in the chimney business.  This course category will get you up to speed quickly whether you need a basic introduction or need more advanced troubleshooting knowledge.


If we don’t get in the customers home then nothing happens.  A well-trained office staff that is prepared to effectively communicate on the phone and is organized through strong systems and process is a requirement for every company. 


This is the largest category on this site.  Whether you need to get a brand-new employee up to speed quickly, refresh the knowledge of a seasoned employee or simply need to maintain your CEUs; this section is where you will find a large variety of technical information.


Safety should be the number one priority for every employee and business owner. This course category covers everything from the most basic elements of safety to more advanced techniques and legal obligations.


Sales – We know that without sales we do not have a business.  We have assembled world class sales courses, training and processes that will increase the average sale, close ratios and profitability of each of your technicians.


There are more avenues to invest your money now to brand and market your company than ever.  This category is designed to give you the information required to make the best decisions based on the current needs of your company to get that phone to ring or bring people in the door.

Why It Works

The old days of big dog little dog training are gone.  When an owner, manager or employee passes down information to the next employee we know that content, intent and effectiveness are degraded through each iteration.  By sending every employee to a central source of content then testing the employee on their comprehension and understanding of that content we can feel confident that our teams are serving our customers in a consistent and knowledgeable way.

Proven Learning Paths

Training can be overwhelming.  We have simplified the training process by providing you with proven learning paths based on your training goals?  Need to get a brand-new employee in the field generating revenue in 90 days? We have a path for that.  Need to add an employee to your gas division? We have a path for that.  Need a custom training plan for a hybrid employee?  You can create your own path for that.

Faster Certification

SureFire is the only online training platform that offers the official CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeping and Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician reviews.  You can not only get your technicians prepared for certification, but you can also earn all the CEUs you would need for the CSIA or NFI in order to renew your certification without ever leaving the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

Consistent Results

Subscriber after subscriber have shared their stories about training savings, increased technician performance and higher sales after completing courses on SureFire.  A faster and better trained employee will generate revenue quicker, reduce call backs and make your customers happier.

Happy subscribers.

Some of the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks Jeff!

Jeff B

As a technician and a trainer, I would say this platform is the next step for our industry. This program offers the ability to both streamline and monitor the progress of your employees’ education, while setting the standard of content and practice. This is no substitute for skill, only experience in the field can provide that. However, increasing the scope of understanding before incorrect practice begins is crucial to the success of any business. The Surefire program will prove to be the tool that offers the edge your company needs to bring your business to the next level.

Kevin C

The SureFire Training Platform is the way of the future for the chimney industry. It enables a technician to take on the job training and eLearning to a whole new level. The training platform bridges the gap in trying to educate individuals scattered about systematically. It makes for a better educated technician in a shorter amount of time. As a team leader I move new hires through the program in a timely fashion, this is very critical. It keeps everyone and progress moving forward. Office personnel benefit greatly by having a better understanding of what happens in the field. In turn making us better on the phone with educating clients on services. I’m honored to have the ability and opportunity to participate in the training program. I see where the SureFire Education Platform has the ability to aid a company of one to five hundred.

Tabatha K

SureFire Training Academy

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Clarklake, MI 49234