Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common SureFire Academy Questions.

What is SureFire Training Academy?

The SureFire Training Academy is the first and most comprehensive online chimney training platform on the market.   This on demand style of training allows you and your technicians to train 24/7 at the time(s) most convenient for them on a variety of topics from technical, safety, customer service, marketing, business and sales.  Whether it’s from a computer or your favorite mobile device, you will be plugged into hundreds of hours of content from the brains of over 20 industry leaders.  SureFire is also the official online training partner of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) so you can earn your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as well as take the official CSIA review required to get certified.

How much is a subscription?

A single user subscription is $149/month.  A 3-user subscription with full tracking, visibility and reporting is $249/month.

How many users do I get in a subscription?

A single user subscription is good for 1 user.  A standard subscription includes 3 users.  For larger companies you can purchase additional user access.

Can I purchase individual courses instead of a subscription?

Currently you can only purchase CSIA online training courses ala carte.

How much are additional users?

Users 4 – 5 are $69/user.  Users 6 – 9 are $49/user.  Users 10+ are $29/user.

How do I add or remove users?

To remove a user, simply email info@surefire.online with the user you wish to remove.  To add a user, simply email info@surefire.online with the First Name, Last Name and email address of the user you wish to add.  If you prefer to talk to a live person you can give us a call at 833-444-7877.

How many courses do you have on the platform?

Currently there are over 80 courses on the platform with more being added every single month!

What types of courses are on this platform?

There are courses for business owners, technicians and office personnel.  Regardless if you are a 30-year seasoned veteran or a Day 1 employee, we got you covered!  We cover business, safety, technical, gas, marketing, sales, customer service, finance and legal! 

Is there a contract or commitment?

Absolutely not!  SureFire is a month to month platform.  If at any time you feel you are not getting continuous value, you can simply email or call us to pause or cancel your access.

What is your affiliation with the CSIA?

We are the official online training platform for the CSIA.  We host all their online content including the official CDET and CSIA reviews.

How often do you add new courses?

We add at least 2 new courses every single month, typically on the first day of every month!

How do courses get assigned?

You have two options.  The standard option is where the team admin will receive all courses including business courses and the technicians will receive all other courses.  Option 2 is by request and that is a team admin managed account where the team admin is the only person who receives the courses and they choose which courses to assign to their staff.  If you would like your account set up as a team admin managed account simply email info@surefire.online and we will get you converted and trained.

Can I assign my users only the courses I want them to have?

If you would like your account set up as a team admin managed account so you have full control of what your users receive then simply email info@surefire.online and we will get you converted and trained.

Who teaches your courses?

We currently have courses taught by over 15 industry leaders including Mark Stoner, Jim Brewer, Alan Rush, Chuck Roydhouse, Taylor Hill, Cam Arnold, Russ Dimmit to name a few.  For a complete list of instructors check out our courses page.

Are there any live courses?

Yes, we do a live webinar every single month.  Check out our calendar page to see when the next event is scheduled.  This is your chance to interact directly with members of the SureFire team to get live assistance or provide feedback on the platform.

Do your courses have CSIA or NFI CEUs?

Yes!  The majority of our courses have both CSIA and NFI CEUs.  You can check the courses page to see how many of what category of CEUs each course has.  To confirm if a course has CEUs available for it you can check the black description bar at the top of each course.

How do my CEUs get applied?

If you are currently CSIA certified be sure you have your badge number loaded into your profile.  If you are actively certified and have your badge number in your profile then your CSIA CEUs will automatically be applied on a weekly basis.  In order to have your NFI CEUs applied you will need to email your certificate that is received at course completion to the email address on the certificate.  If you are in a time crunch and can’t wait a week you can always email the CSIA your certificate directly to the email on the certificate.

I can’t log in or have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Typically your login name is your email address and your password is created by you the first time you login.  If you can’t login then click the “I’ve forgotten my username/password’ link on the login page.  You will be able to enter your email address and get an automated password reset link.  If you still have issues you can always email info@surefire.online for direct assistance.

I completed the course, but it’s not showing as complete.

If you have completed the course, but it’s not showing complete please email info@surefire.online so we can investigate.  We can confirm the time spent on that module and manually complete for you if necessary.

What if I need help or support?

If your question was not answered on this FAQ page then:

Email info@surefire.online

Call 1-833-444-4787

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