Our Story

Training was always one of the largest issues we faced in each of our chimney companies and we knew there had to be a better way.  The old days of big dog/little dog training where each person trained the next was not scalable and not effective.  We found that individuals were not trained to the same level and our customers were receiving varied experiences based on the technician that arrived at their home. 

We also found that training and maintaining continuing education credits was becoming very expensive.  The cost and lost revenue of shutting down our companies to bring in onsite trainers or sending our guys to offsite classes added up quick. 

We needed a way to have a consistent message for all our guys where they could all gain their information from the same source.  Each of the SureFire partners brought a specialized knowledgebase and skillset so we decided to combine our 120+ years of industry experience into an online platform that was initially used for training our individual companies.

After launching this online training program with our own companies, we immediately began to realize the benefits which included:

  • A shift in company culture towards knowledge and education
  • More consistent customer experiences
  • Reduced callbacks
  • More employee engagement
  • Faster trained technicians
  • Quicker revenue generation
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Time savings for our lead technicians and the business owner

Once we realized how effective this method of training was for our companies, we decided to offer this platform to the rest of the industry.  Thus, the SureFire Online Training Academy was born.   

SureFire partners from Left to Right

Alan Rush – Sales Training and Business Development

Jim Brewer – Technical Training

Jake Loeffler – Business Operations 

Mark Stoner – Marketing

Cliff Slagle – Technical Training 



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