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We have combined content from over 20 industry experts in areas of business, leadership, sales, safety, customer service, office, technical, insurance, legal and marketing.   Browse our course categories below to see the vast array of content that SureFire has developed for every facet of your business.

Business Leadership

Running and Growing a business is hard and requires a strong leader with solid systems and process.   This course category is designed to make leaders and managers stronger in every facet of their organization.

22 Courses


This is the largest category on this site.  Whether you need to get a brand-new employee up to speed quickly, refresh the knowledge of a seasoned employee or simply need to maintain your CEUs; this section is where you will find a large variety of technical information.

36 Courses


We know that without sales we do not have a business.  We have assembled world class sales courses, training and processes that will increase the average sale, close ratios and profitability of each of your technicians.

8 Courses


There are more avenues to invest your money now to brand and market your company than ever.  This category is designed to give you the information required to make the best decisions based on the current needs of your company to get that phone to ring or bring people in the door.

4 Courses


Safety should be the number one priority for every employee and business owner.  This course category covers everything from the most basic elements of safety to more advanced techniques and legal obligations.

5 Courses


Gas is the number one growing segment in the chimney business.  This course category will get you up to speed quickly whether you need a basic introduction or need more advanced troubleshooting knowledge.

6 Courses


If we don’t get in the customers home then nothing happens.  A well-trained office staff that is prepared to effectively communicate on the phone and is organized through strong systems and process is a requirement for every company. 

2 Courses

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