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The SureFire Training Academy is the most cost effective and efficient way to train your employees with proven learning paths.  Access the industries best training platform for less than $3 a day per employee.

The SureFire Training Advantage

Effective & Efficient Training.

The SureFire Training Academy is the most cost effective and efficient way to train your employees.  Access the industries best training platform for less than $3 a day per employee.

SureFire Training Courses

7 Sales Lessons From Ride Alongs

Are You Insane? Handling the Top 6 Customer Objections

Back Safety

Delivering A Consistent Customer Sales Experience 

Business 101-801

Catalytic Combustors

Certification Practice Test  

Chimney Fires

Chimney Insurance For Dummies

Chimney Flashing Repair

Chimney Saver Products


Creosote Removal Products


Crown Repair Products


Crown Seal


Delivering a Consistent Customer Sales Experience 

Electricity For Technicians 

Fall Protection

Fundamentals of Gas

Gas Burners For Hearth Applicances 

Gas Pipe Sizing & Installation

Gas Valves & Remote Controls

Hearth Product Identification

Heatshield Installation

How to Be Profitable Regardless of Company Size

iFleet For Smart Service

Ladder Safety

Level 1 Chimney Inspections

Masonry Chimney Maintenance and Repair

Course Title 

Millivolt Pilots & Switches

New Technician Training Modules 1


Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR)


New Technician Training Modules 2

New Technician Training Modules 3

New Technician Training Modules 4

New Technician Training Modules 5

The Business of Safety

The House As A System

Think You Have Phone Skills

Marketing For Chimney Service Companies

Water Repellent

Who Is The Inspection Report Really For?

“We Didn’t Start The Fire”.

Smoke Chamber Repair

The Customer Journey

The Best of the Worst |
What Chimney Sweeps Encounter .

Successful Chimney Sweeping Review

Ride Alongs for Managers

Marketing Trends For 2019

Heatshield Sales Training Conference

Nashville, TN 2018

CSIA: Masonry Chimney Maintenance and Repair

Marketing Trends For 2019

CSIA: Lessons Learned From Fire Investigations

CSIA: Hearth Protection

CSIA: Growing Your Company Through Innovative Inspection Procedures

CSIA: Extreme Customer Service & Marketing

CSIA: Chimney Lining for Appliances Using A Fireplace

Certified Chimney
Sweep (CSS)

CDET Online Review Official CSIA

Business Builder Live

Hiring & Recruiting

Using the International
Residential Code (IRC)


Some of the best customer service I've seen in a long time. Thanks Jeff!

Jeff B

As a technician and a trainer, I would say this platform is the next step for our industry. This program offers the ability to both streamline and monitor the progress of your employees' education, while setting the standard of content and practice. This is no substitute for skill, only experience in the field can provide that. However, increasing the scope of understanding before incorrect practice begins is crucial to the success of any business. The Surefire program will prove to be the tool that offers the edge your company needs to bring your business to the next level.

Kevin C

The SureFire Training Platform is the way of the future for the chimney industry. It enables a technician to take on the job training and eLearning to a whole new level. The training platform bridges the gap in trying to educate individuals scattered about systematically. It makes for a better educated technician in a shorter amount of time. As a team leader I move new hires through the program in a timely fashion, this is very critical. It keeps everyone and progress moving forward. Office personnel benefit greatly by having a better understanding of what happens in the field. In turn making us better on the phone with educating clients on services. I'm honored to have the ability and opportunity to participate in the training program. I see where the SureFire Education Platform has the ability to aid a company of one to five hundred.

Tabatha K

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